The PVC today represents the ideal solution for our homes, now the most requested because extremely resistant and insulating. Fixtures Comfort uses windows Kömmerling the leader in the PVC industry, to guarantee our customers a high quality product reaching:

Infissi Comfort

pvc_01A good weather resistance
The PVC does not absorb water and heat sealing of the corners makes the window a solid body and without joints. The profile allows the evacuation of any infiltration through drainage rooms and sealing is ensured even in the most adverse weather conditions.

pvc_02An ‘absolute resistance to wind pressures
for its structural features in the frame PVC constitutes a solid barrier, enduring without permanent deformation the forces of the wind loads on the building, even the most extreme.

pvc_03An effective thermal insulation for significant energy savings
in the frame PVC is an excellent barrier between outside and interior of the house. The thermal insulation prevents the formation of condensation water and brings its contribution in terms of savings.

pvc_05A high sound insulation for improved living comfort
in the frame PVC is a major outdoor noise pollution protection. If one adds to this that the seals absorb the vibrations of the glass and that the multi-profile stops the sound waves, is obtained an extremely high insulating effect, further enhanced by the use of appropriate glazing

pvc_06Reduction manutezione
The fixture in PVC does not require special care. The costs to maintain unchanged the frame, the performance of funzioanalità and safety, are minimized, anything on periodic renovations or repainting, but only a simple cleaning with water and a common neutral soap.

pvc_07The PVC contains in its structure, 57% of chlorine makes it a fireproofed polymer
The presence of chlorine, highly ingnifuga substance, it also significantly improves the behavior of the fire to the PVC, up to make it able to slow the propagation of the flame and for what self-extinguishing .